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Mascioni Hotel Collection features masterful bedding collections inspired by generations Italian of linen makers in the craftsmanship-rich area of Milano. These
elegant bedding collections transform the guestroom into a personal retreat that’s perfectly tailored for rest, reflection, and rejuvenation.

Folded Viareggio Bedding, Sheets and Pillowcases


Folded Elba Bedding, Sheets and Pillowcases


Folded Almafi Bedding, Sheets and Pillowcases


Folded DreamCotton Bedding, Sheets and Pillowcases


Folded Ischia Bedding, Sheets and Pillowcases


About Supima® Cotton

Compared to regular cotton, Supima® cotton is twice as strong, inherently softer, and longer lasting. Grown exclusively in the USA on approximately 500 family owned farms, great care is taken to preserve the health of the soil and conserve the water that nourishes it. Less than 1% of the world’s cotton qualifies as Supima® cotton.

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